The RGPD you know? the general regulation for data protection. Everyone is talking about it and above all many accompanying proposals flourish from lawyers, IT service companies, independent consultants … and also malicious people who have felt a potential business.But how to face face to all these offers? The first thing to check is the technical and legal skills of the professionals who will accompany you in the implementation of this regulation. The CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties) regularly informs on this subject and has published very well done guides for the attention of micro-businesses. I invite you to consult these guides here. If you need additional information, know that we (we too) have a « turnkey » offer to implement your compliance without breaking your wallet. We put ourselves in the place of the small and medium-sized businesses, which had not necessarily planned to allocate a budget for this regulation. We offer a relevant offer on the market by proposing a dual competence: legal on the one hand with a lawyer specializing in data protection and technical on the other hand with consultants specializing in the security of information systems. Learn more about our RGPD offer.

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