This training will allow listeners to :

  • To understand the issues addressed by PLM in the design, development and support of industrial products
  • Understand the functional principles covered by PLM
  • To understand the various possible operational approaches according to the contexts

It focuses on providing basic knowledge to understand issues related to the management of the product life cycle (PLM).


The internship lasts 2 days (14 hours) : 

    • A theoretical presentation
    • Interactive exercises to test understanding and knowledge


The training theme is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), which is a major theme in all companies that are developing complex products today. The principle of the training is to alternate theoretical presentation boards with interactive exercises to test the understanding and the knowledge acquired. The challenge of the training is the ability of auditors to understand the problems that can be encountered by industrialists during the implementation of PLM projects as well as their ability to recognize and apply good practices.



Stage level : Base / Development 

Stage is for : 

  • To executives involved in the implementation of a project of type « P.L.M. » or reflecting on the opportunity to change all or part of the development activities of his company or one of its units.
  • To any person involved in a research or development project who must have a clear vision of the whole of a P.L.M. project in which he / she participates or participates.


Gilles PLACE


What is PLM ?

  • Context and industrial issues
  • Life cycle and Concurrent Engineering
  • Technical data
  • Management sustems
  • Definition of PLM

Functional coverage of PLM

  • Organization of data
  • Management of documents and articles
  • Bill of materials management
  • Diversity management
  • Configuration Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Digital Model
  • Multi-business collaboration
  • Extended Enterprise

PLM operational approaches

  • From vision to the operational roadmap
  • Process approach
  • Objective approach
  • Approach by tools
  • Multi-business and extended enterprise issues
  • Good and bad practicess pratiques
  • Illustrations

At Toulouse

Duration : 2 Days

Price : 1790,00 € HT