This training is for anyone involved in industrial processes, from specifications to maintenance of the product. The goal is to give basic knowledge about its processes and their interaction between them as well as the supply chain. The auditor will have a transverse view of the role of each job by scrolling the instruction of a modification, its implementation in production, its certificate for delivery. The different impacts on each business process will be analyzed in order to identify practical solutions. This training is organized around the management processes of airplane configuration and collateral processes.


It is addressed in particular to :


  • Program Manager
  • Configuration Management Manager

  • Designer

  • Technical preparator
  • Quality
  • Support
  • Purchase
  • Logistics
  • IT Project Manager
  • Functional managers
  • RSI


The internship lasts 3 days (21 hours).

A TP will be realized on one of the processes chosen by each participant, and a TD on a use case: the GRAMS of AIRBUS


 The focus will be on issues related to the rise in cadence and difficulties in modifying the configuration during production. A comparison of the best pratices of each aircraft manufacturer will allow the student to awaken his critical sense and make use of it in his company. The debate will involve each participant.


Stage level : 

 This internship is open to all, technical engineers and executives.


 Gilles PLACE



Overviews of industrial processes

Principles and phase before baseline

        Processes of :

  • Product definition
  • Definition of diversity
  • Definition of a product structure
  • Definition of a mature manufacturing plan

The baseline and the transition phase

Processes of :

  • Gel of the first plane baseline
  • Transition phase from definition to industrial division

Modifications and impacts

Change management process and impact analysis across all business processes


Product structure and industrial cutting

    • Impact on design
    • Industrialization
    • The making
    • The delivery
    •  Maintenance

The fundamental sub-processes

    • Presentation of fundamental processes that create values

       Marginal subprocesses 

  • Presentation of the marginal processes that interfere in the creation of value 

Example of the AIRBUS requirements                

  • Review of the main documentary requirements requested by the contractors (GRAMS, GRESS, DO-PO Arrangement …)                


At Toulouse

Duration : 3 Days

Price : 2690 € HT